Know About Us

Arbel is skilled and experienced in designing small- to large-scale residential and commercial buildings. He also has experience in interior design, urban design, site planning, and research.

Arbel earned his Master of Architectural Engineering at Beheshti University in Tehran (formerly the National University of Iran) and started his work in renowned, nationwide architectural firms in Iran. After that, he worked simultaneously as an investor, designer, and builder providing multi-family dwellings and commercial buildings. He founded the Toumeh & Rafiezadeh Partnership, and later, the Mesh Architecture Group. He delivered numerous significant projects to the builders of commercial, mixed-use, apartment, and residential buildings.

Arbel immigrated to the United States to continue his endeavors in the field of architecture. He has designed and delivered many residential projects and has created commercial and mixed-use plans. Arbel aims to provide high-quality design projects and looks for a bright and clear architectural concept for every individual work that considers the influence features, have environmentally, economically, socially, and legally.

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